It is that time of year again - time for the Bruno 500!

Brother Robert "Bruno" Sammartino, Phi Tau 245, passed away in February 2009 from cancer.

... The first year we decided to have what we called the "Phi Tau 200" – a get together back at SHIP to honor Brother Bruno. While it was initially intended only as a social event for brothers with Zeta numbers in the 200s, since Bruno’s Zeta was in that range, in 2010 it was decided to open it up to all Phi Tau members as a social event/fundraiser.


Why 500? Because the goal is to raise at least $500 each year towards the Robert Sammartino Memorial Scholarship for Marching Percussion (we have consistently raised much more than $500 - thanks to everyone for their generosity).

Bruno’s mother, AKA Mrs. Bruno, created the scholarship fund in his name through the University Foundation.

She decided to make it a Band Scholarship, since Bruno was a BMOC in the band. Every year at Homecoming, $1000 will be awarded to someone in the marching percussion as a GIFT, which will not affect the person's financial aid. The recipient can do whatever he or she wishes with the money (hopefully they don’t go all rock star with it!). No student may receive it twice. Freshmen are not eligible and the recipient is chosen by the Band Director.

The Music Department has placed a plaque in the Music Building with an engraved marker bearing the name of each recipient.

If you care to make a donation to this Scholarship, it can be made online at the Shippensburg University Foundation at Scroll down to the Robert Sammartino Memorial Scholarship for Marching Percussion line and click on the red "Donate Online" button next to it. Then follow the instructions. Please mention it is from a Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Tau Zeta fraternity brother. If you do make a donation, please let me know and the amount (I am going to keep an overall tally to post here and will not disclose how much any individual donates).

Or if you are an old school fool you can bring a check to the Bruno 500 being held April 21-22, 2012 at Ship. As in past years, everyone will meet at Chez Maxwell's (Maxie's) on April 21 at approximately 6 p.m. (or later if Craig decides to open late - you never know!). Make it out to "S.U. Foundation" and note it is for the Robt. Sammartino Memorial Scholarship and you are a Lambda Chi. You can give the check to Joe Graczyk or myself.

If you stay overnight, most of us meet at the Select Family Restaurant for breakfast.

Also, if anyone is interested, there is a comedy show at the Luhrs Center that night:

Please spread the word to any brothers who may not be on Facebook.

Ron "Sleepy" Young, Phi Tau 229 (good friend of Bruno)
Joe "Roadkill" "Bevis" Graczyk, Phi Tau 259 (Bruno’s little brother, and according to Norm Benford and Vince Champion, possibly the best brother ever!)

Brothers of Phi Tau Zeta:

It is a very exciting time for the Alumni Association. The events committee has been hard at work planning several upcoming brotherhood events. We will be hosting an afternoon Alumni Happy Hour at the Market Cross Pub in August, a Harrisburg Senators Event in September and after an almost four year hiatus..Golf Outing and Homecoming events in October. I want to thank Brothers Tony Leer, Tim Horstman, Justin Hammond and Craig Miller for helping organize these events.

As I explained in my previous updates, the goal of the Alumni association is to continue to strengthen our bond of brotherhood. Likewise, our ability to organize, plan and execute both new and traditional Alumni Events is a significant part of this process. However, the ultimate success of these events will be dependent on our overall participation and attendance. So, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.

Alumni Happy Hour at Market Cross Pub, Saturday August 6th at 3:00 pm.

Dust off those passports and stop by Market Cross Pub on August 6th to catch up with some of the local alumni. Spouses and significant others welcome. Please RSVP no later than August 1st at!/event.php?eid=191808637543741 or by emailing

Phi Tau Zeta Night at the BallPark, Saturday, September 3rd at 7:00pm.

Come out and watch the Harrisburg Senators take on the Akron Aeros with some of your fellow alumni. Brother Tony Leer has graciously secured us space at one of the suites at Metro Bank Park. This event is open to spouses and girlfriends. Please RSVP by August 15th on our Facebook site or by emailing

Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Weekend 2011 Saturday, October 1st

Phi Tau Zeta + Homecoming /Golf Outing = A Good Time. It's that simple. Reconnect with your brothers and old friends at this year's Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Weekend. The events start Saturday October 1st at 8:00 am with the Alumni Golf Outing and are followed by Homecoming 2011 at Shippensburg University when The Raiders take on Kutztown at 1:00 pm.

Alumni Golf Outing

After a several year hiatus, the Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Golf Outing is Back!!! The golf outing is set for a shotgun start on Oct 1 at 8am at Cumberland Golf Course (2395 Ritner Highway Carlisle, PA, 17015 ). The price will be $40/person for green fees and luncheon to follow. Website:

Please RSVP by September 1st on our Facebook or by emailing

Homecoming 2011

Homecoming this year is Saturday October 1st. Kick-off for the game is 1:00 pm against Kutztown. We are planning on getting a tent this year and tailgating begins at 10:30 am and continues through halftime of the game (Alcohol is prohibited during the 3rd and 4th quarters of the game.according to the university policy). The tailgating area will be open until 1 hour after the game has ended. So come back to good old Ship and reconnect with brothers and old college pals. Also, be present for the dedication of this year's Robert Sammartino Memorial Scholarship for Percussion.


Bill Steinour
PTZ #328

April, 2011 Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Update


I would to take this time to thank the committed members of the Alumni Association who have dedicated their time and resources to continuing our bond after the tragic closing of the Phi Tau Zeta Chapter in the fall of 2008. During the past two years we have successfully retooled and legitimately re-incorporated the Alumni Association into its new role focusing solely on Alumni relations. By focusing exclusively on alumni communications and events within our bond that have fostered our brotherhood, the Alumni Association is now in a very exciting place as we look towards the future together.

Over the next year we will be focusing on our goal of continuing to build a strong alumni bond through several avenues. First, we will continue to build upon our successful sporting clay shoots, Happy Hours, and Phi Tau 500 events. Our next goal is to hold regional alumni events in and around Harrisburg and Philadelphia, as well as other areas. Lastly, we want to re-establish our traditional cornerstone events by holding the Annual Golf Outing this fall and coordinating with Greek Affairs to have an official presence at Homecoming 2011.

In order to organize and coordinate these events we must continue to improve our means of communicating these events to the members of the Alumni Association. Unfortunately, our previous alumni directory had fallen into disarray and this had significantly impacted our ability to contact our brothers. However, due to the direct efforts of several of our brothers, we are making significant headway in our goal of accurately updating our alumni directory using various means. As a result, we now have up-to-date email information for 228 alumni in good standing and 162 members are currently in our facebook group. Moving forward we will continue to attempt to contact those remaining brothers with a goal of having contact information for 100% of our alumni in good standing. In addition continues to be a cornerstone for our alumni to find us on the web, view announcements, and submit contact information for emails and direct members to join the public forums on facebook.

All of this hard work has continued to move us in a positive direction for our goal of potential re-colonization of the Phi Tau Zeta undergrad chapter in the future. However, there are multiple internal and external factors that will ultimately impact when and how we start this official process. While many members have wished to set a date for this return to happen, we will need to ensure there is an adequate support structure within our alumni association and favorable environments for re-colonization on campus and within International Fraternity. The alumni association has taken the initial steps towards this goal when it recently approved the raising of funds to sponsor a member of Phi Tau Zeta to attend the 2011 Stead Leadership Conference in July of this year at Iowa State University. This will mark the first Phi Tau Zeta presence at a National Fraternity event since 2006 and help begin a dialogue between our organization and nationals.

Overall, this is an exciting and critical time for our alumni organization and the bond for which it stands. The Board of Directors will continue to coordinate and engage with members of our organization through the establishment of events and communication committees this year. We would like to thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming alumni events.


Bill Steinour
PTZ #328
President, Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Association, Inc.

November, 2010 Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Update


The Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Association continues to make strides in keeping our bond alive, whether online or in person. Plans for a brighter future are becoming more clear, but first we must learn from our past.

It is the opinion of the Alumni Association Board of Directors that the active brothers in spring of 2008 displayed a distinct lack of judgment and leadership. While most of you are aware of their transgressions, they included the failure to send a representative to General Assembly in 2007, as well as the failure to send a representative again in 2008. It was this second transgression that likely doomed the chapter, as they had been marked as an "at risk" chapter for unpaid dues and consecutive lackluster consult reports. They simply failed to appear at the scheduled hearing in front of the Grand High Zeta to determine whether the chapter should remain open. Phi Tau Zeta was the only Zeta in the world not to have a representative present in 2008. Based on these actions, it is the opinion of the Board of Directors that the undergraduates gave up on Lambda Chi Alpha and on Phi Tau Zeta. They stated in a loud and clear manner they no longer want to be members.

If the chapter had any chance to survive, the destruction of the Phi Tau Zeta house only weeks later was the final nail. While some blanks have been filled in, we probably will never have a complete picture of what really happened that night. The police ended their investigation with no real results, the insurance company is not paying any claims, the property was sold, the house razed and the entire alumni investment is gone.

Over the past two years, some of the anger and disappointment has cooled and given way to pragmatic reasoning. Your Board of Directors believes we cannot allow this group to have any influence or participation in the future of Phi Tau Zeta; as we would only be setting ourselves up for similar disastrous results. We could not in any honest way ask them to draw on their fraternity experience to teach future classes the meaning of Brotherhood.

As you will read in the April meeting minutes, a motion was passed unanimously by all those in attendance to expel 34 brothers who were active undergraduates in the spring of 2008. In the expulsion letter a right to an appeal was offered. Only three people appealed. Two of the expulsions were rescinded at the August meeting and the Board took no action on the third. For the rest, we have simply agreed to part ways.

Your Board of Directors takes its responsibility to Phi Tau Zeta very seriously, and its members conduct themselves with the utmost sincerity and respect. It was with a heavy heart this decision was made, but there comes a time when we must put away childish things and act as men.

Members in good standing may request copies of the meeting minutes by e-mailing


Rick Hambright
Phi Tau Zeta 283
President, Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Association, Inc.

August 2010 Update


Following the successful annual meeting and Phi Tau 500 event in April (meeting minutes and details on the way), we are focusing on preserving history and setting up new social outings.

There are close to 1,000 photos from all eras of Phi Tau on the Facebook group. Please join the group (search for ‘Phi Tau Zeta’) and upload all of your old Phi Tau pics. There is also an effort moving forward to scan all of our various documents collected over the years. If you have any old officer notes, meeting minutes, etc., please contact me and I’ll scan them in.

Most of our heirlooms (class gifts, composites, charter, Coat of Arms) are in storage at Kurt & Karl Sprenger’s mom’s house. Karl is going to take a photographic inventory when he visits this month. The goal is get everything in one place and have a good inventory of it, so things are not lost as the years fly by. If you have anything you think should go into storage with the rest of our stuff, please contact Karl. A special thanks to Victor Morningstar for his assistance in getting several key pieces that the undergrads still had, safely into storage [pics on Facebook].

After a successful event last year, Tony Leer is coordinating a second sporting clays event for the fall. Ron Young is working to revive the annual golf outing. Please check the Facebook group for additional details. If you are interested in assisting with one of these events or coordinating another type, please let us know.


Rick Hambright
Phi Tau Zeta 283

By the way, the new Phi Tau Zeta Alumni Association, Inc. Board of Directors are as follows:
Rick Hambright, President
Ron Young, Vice President of Events
Lonny Taggart, Secretary
Todd Shipp, Treasurer
Dave Steinour, Parliamentarian
Brian Hurst, Member-at-Large
Bill Steinour, Member-at-Large

Sad News -- the passing of Brother Andy Rill, Phi Tau 109

Dear Brothers,

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Brother Andrew Rill's tragic passing last Saturday, March 20, 2010. Andy died at his home in Dillsburg unexpectedly as a result of an accident.

His obituary, tribute and services information can be found using this link:

For those who didn't know Brother Rill, Phi Tau 109, you'll only hear positive things. He grew up in a farm setting in Newburg, PA. His father was a professor on Ship's campus, so he logically came to campus, studied business and created lifelong friendships in the mid-1980s. Several of us had the privilege of living with this gentleman over one or more years in places like Seavers Apartments on campus and 13 North Morris Street where he introduced us to things like squirrel pot pie. Ever the optimist and social chairman, he thought up many Lambda Chi theme parties such as Date Night, Cigar Night and Midnight Beach Parties. He knew the words to every Lambda Chi chant and was made for entertaining and mentoring others.

Andy brightened every room he entered. As a father, I've never seen anyone who could ride a farm tractor with a Halloween mask on... dragging a hay wagon full of kids... and have more fun than any kid could have. He loved the outdoors and the aroma and warmth of a good bonfire, especially when it was surrounded by children, family and friends.

A father of two great kids, Andy was active in several charities that helped fight hunger. He loved to cook farm-fresh food and was a true advocate for Pennsylvania's farmers and youth programming, especially FFA. He cared deeply for his family, his friends and he worked very hard at being an entrepreneur. His company, Wirehead, is a well-known success story in Central PA. Everywhere you go where digital touch screens are being used by wait staffers in restaurants, you'll see a Wirehead sticker that showcased Andy's talent for sales. He was a winner, no doubt. Seemingly everyone knew Andy Rill.

While this is indeed very sad news, Andy touched so many of us in positive ways. His outlook on life? Always positive. And that's how we'll all remember him. If you're able to join us in person on Thursday or Friday in Dillsburg, many of us will join together in celebrating Andy's life. If you're not able to make the trip, a simple thought, a good deed and a smile goes a long way. That's how Andy would like to be remembered, we're sure. As for Andy's family, your ongoing thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Andy was a special person and we're sure that Andy's kids are coping with immense sadness. Our collective support will be needed to carry them through this terrible tragedy.

Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers, your time and your caring nature regarding our friend Andy. It's times like these that the bond of Brotherhood--and the reflection it made on all of us--is strongest.


Rob Rutz
Phi Tau 130

Phi Tau Zeta’s 2010 Annual Meeting Notification Letter

The purpose of this letter is to notify you of the Annual Board of Director’s meeting of Phi Tau Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Shippensburg University Inc. The meeting is scheduled for 12:00pm on April 10th, 2010 at Shippensburg University‘s Dauphin Humanities Center, Room # DHC151, in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257.

Click here to Read the Full Letter


Dave Steinour
Phi Tau 289
Interim President
Alumni Organization of Phi Tau Zeta



I am sending this communication to you to inform you of the recent events and actions of the Alumni Corporation.

On August 22, 2009, the Alumni Corporation met for the first time in almost two and a half years. The meeting was very productive and total involvement through attendance and proxy votes was approximately 100 members. This was the strongest turnout for an alumni meeting in a long time and makes me proud to spearhead the efforts to revitalize the alumni group and pave the way to eventually recolonize our beloved chapter of Phi Tau Zeta. At the meeting we agreed to move forward with the goal to have the corporation organized and the foundation set to move forward at the Annual Meeting next April to ensure that this group is set-up to function at the high level we have remembered from the past and with the tools to eventually recolonize and allow Phi Tau to assume it's place as one of the premier Greek organizations at Shippensburg University. This will not be possible without all of you.

We are in the process of forming committees and other efforts to include as many brothers as are willing to participate. This extends far beyond the current seven BOD positions. So far we have included over twenty other members in committee efforts that range from investigating the current undergraduate chapter, attempting to recoup our considerable investment in the former chapter house, updating and streamlining our communications, and planning alumni events. I am hoping this is only the beginning and promise that anyone expressing interest will be included.

We are also in the process of updating the website, making it operational again and getting it back on-line. This will be posted there as well. We have even created a facebook site which will help facilitate communication among the group. The address is:

We also have a working PO Box again for any correspondence. The address is below:

Phi Tau Zeta, Lambda Chi Alpha
PO Box 924
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

We are also sponsoring donating to a fallen alum's trust. We have decided to promote this and donate personal funds as opposed to the original motion to donate Alumni Corporation funds. Below is the address of Nick Kolokithas' trust:

Nicholas P. Kolokithas Memorial Fund
First National Bank of Chester County
P.O. Box 514
West Chester, PA 19381

In closing, I have attached the meeting minutes from our 8/22 meeting. I look forward to hearing back from you all. Please feel free to contact me at (609) 634-9675 and I will keep you abreast of our progress as we move forward towards our goals of the April meeting. Thank you for your support!


Dave Steinour
Phi Tau 289
Interim President
Alumni Organization of Phi Tau Zeta